Hi, I'm Amandip or Aman for short. I was born and raised in London, England and I've always had an interest in nature, wildlife and design from an early age. I love learning about how things work; from V8 turbo engines, how hyenas hunt in the night to cameras and lenses!

My love of wildlife started when I first visited Kenya on safari with my family when I was still at school. I was sat in a Jeep in the middle of the Masai Mara, completely surrounded by undisturbed nature. It made me feel like such a small part of nature and appreciate the real beauty and awe of nature and wildlife. I just wish I had a camera back then so I could have documented all the amazing things I saw! From then on, I had caught the bug of travelling and documenting what this planet has to offer.

I look at photography as a way I can freeze a moment of time in my life as well as a great way of portraying the certain feelings I had at the time. I can look back at the photos and reminisce about a certain place and it will bring back all the memories of that time. Not to mention just a bunch of things that I think are cool!


Welcome to my journey! Peace

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